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R, Bash in Jupyter Notebooks

Python, R, Bash in one Jupyter Notebook

Combining Python, R, Bash in one Jupyter Notebook makes tracking of the workflow easier, simplifies sharing and makes you more efficient and professional. 

Why Jupyter Notebooks?

If you read my Big Data tutorial, you are already familiar with Databricks notebooks. These notebooks allow combining code from many different programming languages (Scala, Python etc.) in one notebook. I thought it would be great to set up a similar notebook environment locally on my computer to manage my workflows.

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Taking notes on a computer instead of paper

The best note-taking software on Linux

In my first blog post, I would like to share my thoughts about one of the most necessary software for a researcher, a note-taking software. I use exclusively Linux OS and all the programs I describe I tested on Linux, but most of them are also available on other platforms.

I absolutely agree with the saying that the worst piece of paper is better than the best memory. Given that we live in the digital age, I would also add that an electronic note synchronized with a cloud is even better than the best paper because paper is so easy to lose 🙂 .

The worst piece of paper is better than the best memory.

Nowadays we face a constant flow of enormous amount of information and remembering things is harder than ever. Often we have no time to consume all the information we want, so how we can remember everything.

Taking notes is an essential part of a researcher’s routine, and it has to be done efficiently.

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