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Plot a rivers map in R thumbnail

Plot a map with rivers in R

There are many great libraries to create geographic maps in R. However, making a map with rivers in R is not trivial. I was not able to find an R library with a rivers map, but I found a simple way to add rivers to a map.

I recently needed to create a map for a publication where we study fish species. So, showing sampling locations on a map with rivers was a requirement. An obvious solution for that was of course to use R. And although making a map with rivers in R turned out to be easy, I spent half the day searching for a solution.

I use R to create maps for all my publications. It is a free, simple, and precise way to plot points on a nice-looking map. If I need to add more things to the map, I save it in SVG format and edit it in Inkscape, an open-source editor for vector graphics.

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R, Bash in Jupyter Notebooks

Python, R, Bash in one Jupyter Notebook

Combining Python, R, Bash in one Jupyter Notebook makes tracking of the workflow easier, simplifies sharing and makes you more efficient and professional. 

Why Jupyter Notebooks?

If you read my Big Data tutorial, you are already familiar with Databricks notebooks. These notebooks allow combining code from many different programming languages (Scala, Python etc.) in one notebook. I thought it would be great to set up a similar notebook environment locally on my computer to manage my workflows.

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